Bài giảng Tiếng Anh Lớp 9 - Unit 3: Teen stress and pressure - Lesson 1: Getting started - Nguyễn Thị Anh

1.Listen and Read    

"She's been a bit tense lately...“

Amelie: Hi Phuc! Where’s Mai? Isn’t she coming? 

Phuc: She said she was too tired and didn’t want to go out. She’s been staying up late studying for the exam. 

Nick: Does she need to be that stress out?

Phuc: Maybe not. But my parents always expect her to get good grades and she doesn’t want to disappoint them. They want her to go to a top college and study medicine. 

Amelie: Really? She told me she wanted to be a designer… 

Phuc: Yes, that’s why she’s been a bit tense lately. She doesn’t know what to do. My parents said design graduates wouldn’t find jobs easily and they wanted her to get a medical degree. 

Amelie: Oh, I understand. Sometimes I wish my parents could put themselves in my shoes… 

Nick: Anyway, Mai needs to take a break. I’ll call and ask her if she wants to go and see a film with us tomorrow. 

Phuc: Oh, I doubt it... She’s already fully booked for the weekend with her maths class, English class, judo class, and music lesson!


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  1. Nick Amelie Phuc 10
  2. I. New words: 1.Stressed out (a): Căng thẳng 2. Calm (a): Bình tĩnh 3. ꞌConfident (a): Tự tin 4. Frusꞌtrated (a): Bực bội 5. Deꞌpressed (a): Tuyệt vọng 6. Deꞌlighted (a): Vui vẻ, hạnh phúc 7. ꞌWorried (a): Lo lắng, bồi hồi 8. Reꞌlaxed (a): Thanh thản, thoái mái
  3. II: Pratice conversation 109876543210 1. Why is Mai not playing badminton with Phuc, Nick and  Amelie? a She doesn’t like playing badminton. b She is late K c She wants to stay at home
  4. 109876543210 3. How is Mai feeling now?  a Confident and tired b Tense and disappointed K c Tired and stressed
  5. 109876543210 5. What does Mai want to be?  a A medical doctor b A designer K c A musician
  6. 2.Fill the gaps with the words in the box . In some cases more than one word may be suitable tense frustrated delighted confident relaxed worried depressed calm stressed 1. Thu had been studying very hard for the exam, but she still felt worried/tense/stressed . . Now that she has done well in the exam she is feeling much more relaxed/ confident. 2. My mother is a strong person. She stays calm even in the worst situations. 3. Linh is feeling a bit depressed/ frustrated about her study. She’s failed the exam once again! 4. I think taking a speech class is a good idea if you want to be more relaxed/ confident/ calm 5. Emma is feeling so delighted/ confident. with her fashionable new hairstyle. 6. Phuc, Nick, and Amelie feel worried/ . frustrated They want to help Mai but don’t know what they can do for her.
  7. IV. Homework: III. Homework. - Learn new words by heart. - Practice the conversation. - Do A1,2- workbook. - Prepare Unit 3 : A closer look 1